Country HamDates & Times:

This club requires students to enroll before November 18 to participate. Times for meetings will vary. Our leaders for this group are Natalie Wolfe (859) 472-1260) and Ag Agent Lindie Huffman.

Pendleton County Extension Office:
Address: 45 David Pribble Drive, Falmouth, KY 41040
Phone: 859.654.3395

What to Expect:

Country hams are a throw back to the way meat was preserved before the invention of refrigeration. The 4-H members will receive two fresh hams they will cure by rubbing them with salt and other spices during the cold winter months. The salt and seasonings will penetrate the ham, preserving it for future use. During the warm summer months the country ham will undergo the “summer sweat” to develop the characteristic country ham flavor and aroma. 

4-H members that participate in this project will get hands on experience in curing country hams, learn about the meats industry, and gain insight into how food was preserved before the invention of refrigeration. The country hams will be shown at the Kentucky State Fair in August, where the 4-H members will give a 3 – 5 minute speech on their country ham project. At the completion of the project 4-H'ers will receive their two hams to take home and eat!