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What Is A Homemaker?

The Pendleton County Homemakers Organization is comprised of a diverse group of individuals with many different ages, interests, and talents in this ever-changing world. We are constantly striving to acquire more efficient and effective skills through methods of researched based information from the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service & Kentucky State Univeristy. As dedicated volunteers, we network with local agencies and give tirelessly of ourselves to enrich their lives and the lives of our families and communities.Homemaker Crafts

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Pendleton County Homemakers are a part of the Northern Kentucky Area and Kentucky Extension Homemaker Association. (KEHA) We welcome members no matter what their age, race, color, national origin, creed, marital status or sex.

Homemakers gain new knowledge and skills that improve the quality of life for themselves and their families. Members may also expand their horizons by attending county, state, and national meetings and workshops that provide good fellowship combined with concentrated learning opportunities.

Homemaker membership is available through club or mailbox membership. If you are interested in joining or starting an Extension Homemakers Group in your neighborhood or community, simply complete the enrollment form and return to: Pendleton County Extension Office, 45 David Pribble Drive, Falmouth, KY 41040. If you are too busy for a club, we invite you to become a mailbox member and receive your monthly newsletter and educational lesson through the mail. Dues are $6.00 per year and will be collected at meetings. If you are a mailbox member, please mail your payment with your enrollment form. Make checks payable to Pendleton County Extension Homemakers Association.

The Pendleton County Extension Homemakers provide an opportunity for members to keep learning. Homemakers receive monthly educational lessons in all areas of Family and Consumer Sciences, determined by members through their vote. In addition, members are involved in various community activities. We invite you to join us!

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