The success of the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service relies on the active participation of Kentuckians in carrying out programs.  The Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service Council System involves local people and Extension staff together to ensure an effective Extension program. Through the system of County Extension Councils, local people work with Extension agents to determine individual and community needs, identify and appropriate available resources, and set and act upon goals. The Council System helps develop Extension educational programs that reflect the ever changing situations in which Kentuckians live and work and the diversity of citizens in our counties. 

The County Extension Council is an organized body of volunteer leaders. They counsel with agents and help identify issues and community needs, give support to develop, carry out and evaluate non-formal educational programs that contribute to a county’s social and economic development. This organization works with the county Extension staff to attain the identified purposes and perform the specific functions that follow.

The primary mechanism for securing input in the support and direction of local Cooperative Extension programs will be with the County Extension Council. County Extension Councils are critically important to the Cooperative Extension Service’s ability to provide locally relevant educational programs as a grassroots organization. Strong County Extension Councils are the essential link with citizens and their program and educational priorities. The Council System is also vital as the Cooperative Extension Service strives toward its Vision, Mission, and Strategic Goals, which were determined with participation of council members, program participants, and community leaders throughout the state.


The Pendleton County Extension Service Council System is as follows:

District Board
David Fields*, Jimmy Godman*, Clara Holmes, Phyllis Kelsch, Dennis Moneyhon*, Christina Monroe*, Sara Pettit*, and Jean Rapp

  • *Jimmy Godman, Chairman
  • *Christina Monroe, Vice Chair
  • *Sara Pettit, Secretary
  • *Dennis Moneyhon, Treasurer (Non voting member)
  • *David Fields, County Judge Executive

County Extension Council
Travis Alsip, James Anderson, Jamie Antrobus, Henry Bertram, Will Browning, Ray Chiles, Ellin Crotty, Joanna Crouch, Harry Crozier, Joellen Dawson, Tony Dietrich, David Fields, joyce Falugher, Janelle Gardner, Nathan Glaza, Jimmy Godman, Mary Frances Hardin,Hiram Harville, Beekee Hayslette, Shawn Hayslette,Clara Holmes, Mary Lou Johnson,Ken Kells, Phyllis Klesch, Rob McClanahan, Flo McDonald, Bill Mitchell, Dennis Moneyhon, Christina Monroe, Brent Moore, Randy Moore, Peter Newberry, Jeff Pettit, Sara Pettit, Jodi Ramey, Jean Rapp, Jordan Shay, Dinah Shelley, Pete Steele, Velma Steele, Anthony Strong, Ann Thaxton, Jim Thaxton, Gary Viers, Rhonda Wolfe, Nick Wolfe, and Hilda Wright.


Additional councils and their members are as follows:

4-H Council
Nancy Adams, Travis Alsip, Monica Ammerman*,  Dave Campbell, Theresa Emery,  Jo-Lynn Gosney, Tara Greene, Beekee Hayslette*, Shawn Hayslette*, Kelsey Knight, Barbie Lemming, Ryan Link, Melinda McBee, Jean Rapp, Jordan Shay, Charlsey Turner, Rhonda Wolfe* and Darlene Wright

  • *Shawn Hayslette, President
  • *Monica Ammerman, President Elect
  • *Beekee Hayslette, Secretary
  • *Rhonda Wolfe, Treasurer

Homemaker Council
Joyce Beckett*, Becky Chiles, Anna Dean, Denise Dean*, Faye Godman, Pam Harper, Beekee Hayslette, Carolyn Hesler, Clara Holmes, Lauren Jones, Judie Lambert*, Flo McDonald*, Brenda McElfresh, Audrey Petrakis, Shirley Seever, Rosemary Sutton, and Monica Yeamans*

  • *Flo McDonald, President
  • *Joyce Beckett, Vice President
  • *Denise Dean, President Elect
  • *Pam Harper, Secretary
  • *Monica Yeamans, Treasurer
  • *Judie Lambert, Reporter

Phase I Board
Will Browning, Rennie Corbin*, Carl Gray, Bob Jones, Rob McClanahan*, Brent Moore*, Patti Oaks, Rob Prewitt*, Ted Thompson, and Minnie Turner

  • *Rob McClanahan, Chair
  • *Brent Moore, Vice Chair
  • *Rob Prewitt, Secretary
  • *Rennie Corbin, Administrator (Non voting member)